Although it's annoying every time a controversy arises and everyone feels the need to share their opinion, I'm prompted to share mine. What constitutes a controversy these days is becoming increasingly trivial. However, someone's right to serve in the military and transgender rights aren't trivial. So our president "banned" transgender people from serving in the military. I used quotes because his bans don't seem to remain bans for long.

A few arguments I've read that I'm considering on this issue:

Since so few are affected I'm inclined to think this isn't a big issue. However, since this does affect so few, how much could this really affect our military if all of those against allowing transgender people in the military were right?

The number of those affected by this doesn't figure into the equation of the importance of the issue. Otherwise, minority rights would be graded on a sliding scale of importance.

Serving is a privilege. Or maybe it's not a privilege, but it's not a right. Or is it? I don't know. Just because it's not in the bill of rights doesn't mean it's excluded. But I'll concede that it's certainly not and inalienable right.

I don't understand where the idea that this is a social experiment comes from. I can see how people would think it's unnatural, but who would go through the hell of transforming your body like that on a whim? To decide to undergo surgery, hormone therapy and probably ridicule to change your gender identity requires more than just a "eh, what the fuck, I'm bored today" attitude to pursue.

I don't see how being transgender, whether in the process of transitioning or having completed your transition, affects your ability to serve. If you can't pass the physical or aren't mentally stable, or have a medical dependency then you can't serve. But if you're not taking hormones, if you've already transitioned, if you otherwise meet all the requirements of a non-transgendered person, what reason is there to revoke your privilege of serving? Is it possible to transition and no longer require hormones? If no, then aren't there positions in the military where you aren't in the trenches and can safely serve without the fear of not having your meds? Is there no one on medication in the military?

Then there's the issue of the military paying for operations and hormones. Again, we're talking about so few people that I don't think bringing up the tax burden is worth debating.

Enough with trying to be objective. I think the fuck heads that have a real big issue with this are assholes. Someone wants to die for the country that allows them the freedom to be the people they want to be. That's the people we want in the military. The U.S. is supposed to be the country of opportunity. The country where no one can tell you what to do. You get to decide what's best for you. And if you think it's best for you to change genders, I mean physically change genders, then no one can stop you. And if you do that and are still fit to serve in the military, you should get to do that.

"God doesn't make mistakes." That's right, since there is no God. God's an easy excuse to use here, though. I think people use God as a scapegoat for their bigotry. I don't know that there are any passages in the bible that deal with transgender people.

Don't look at the situation as some type of queer or fucked up person wanting to join the military. Look at it like any other person that wants to join the military and disqualify them to join based on the same criteria as everyone else.

Fuck you.


Fuck. Not sure if hypochondriac or sick.

Realized today that being afraid of whatever is wrong with me is keeping me from being thankful for what I have. If I am really sick then I guess being thankful isn't very important. What is important then is making the most of the time I have.

Again, glad my wife is Atheist in times like these, so we can hash things out rationally rather than leaving it all up to whatever-the-fuck-else.